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First, it is important to donate to a cause that you are passionate about or may have benefit from the important work that is taking place within the organization.  

Secondly, donating to a 501c3 nonprofit organization such as ours you will be able to claim 50% tax deductions. 

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We really apprepriate your business, and If you are interested in seeing our work continue in the community, please support our mission by making a generous donation. We will provide you with a tax receipt for your monetarily contribution to our work.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Consider donating to a small business who sometimes make the greatest impact in our community.

We count on the community donation to support our mission; improve or enhance services

Provide us with your feedback if you have encountered us in the community and have benefit from our services we would like to hear from you.

Email us;

call; (682) 300-7100

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